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Who wants to be a better programmer?

Writing clean, maintainable, sound and efficient code is only possible once you dominate the principles of software quality. And it takes a lot of time for those to come naturally. So I decided to write this book, to present you all those principles in a simple and direct way. I've put all the things novice programmers usually tend to miss, but are essential for being an effective and efficient programmer.

Ninja coder belt

There are many incredible tools that are used by the best professional programmers. Shockingly, they are unknown by many. In the book I'll teach you the basics on using these tools.

Computer Science Fundamentals

Entrepreneurs looking to hire programmers have a recurrent complaint about the candidates–their lack of grasp in the fundamentals of Computer Science. Having Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science, I'll walk you through the Computer Science concepts that all top coders know and apply all the time at work.

Working in a team and organizing a project

Creating good software is much more than writing good code. We need to properly organize all the source code files being written in a structure that makes sense, take care of bugs, decide which new features will get implemented and how, and make sure everyone in the team is working well and efficiently. I will show you the programming methodologies and development processes used by the most productive programming teams worldwide.

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For an overview of the book's scope, check out the Table of Contents. Even though we have many advanced topics, the depth and scope of the book will be perfect for junior programmers.

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About the Author

Hi there! My name is Wladston (call me Vlad) and I've loved coding since I was a child. I've worked on several projects, ranging from enterprise systems (FiCRM) to marketplace development (Bitquestion) to large-scale system development (FriendRouter) to M.Sc-level research in Complex Networks, in UFMG. Check out my mini-page and my Linkedin profile. You can always drop me a line at my Twitter account @wladston.